About Us.

” Travelling makes you speechless then turns you into a storyteller. A common phrase. A manifestation in our lives. Welcome to our travel space, where we will take one step at a time in bringing you detailed and quite interesting travel tales. We hope for organic growth that will eventually turn into inspiration enough to build a solid travel community, and that our stories will instil in you the courage to quench your thirst for adventure. “

~ On The Go Explorers



A fierce and fearless adventurer. Not 100 percent sure about the fearless bit, but oh well.. we faith it until we make it. I love hiking and swimming. I would never say no to an adventure with those on the itinerary. I often travel on a shoe-string budget. Most of the travel I have taken up have been so spontaneous! My friends will hit me up and ask, ‘Ess Twende?’ and I will always give back a big, ‘Haiya, twende!’ response. I joke and further describe myself as a ‘Twende Twende‘ traveller. For my non- Swahili audience, it means I am an on the go explorer! I have come to realize that you do not have to be rich to travel. Travelling has been for a long time, associated with living large. On the contrary, travelling makes you rich; in knowledge, in stories and the drive to experience life. No matter how insignificant an escapade might seem, how you experience it will push you to do better in life. I am elated that we have decided to launch this platform. Raw. A blank canvas for us to paint on, learn the ropes and serve our diverse palette of audience! I am looking forward to a seamless journey!”


 A free-spirited traveller; a weekender, thrill-seeking adventurer and a groupie. I am an adrenaline junkie: Bunjee jumping, paragliding, diving at a waterfall, skydiving, rafting, you name it, are my kind of thrills. I do enjoy group travels, regardless of whether or not there is familiarity. Travelling makes me feel alive, liberated and hopeful about life in general. In my experience, I have learnt that travelling is just but a choice one makes and prioritizes. It’s same as an investment. You search, plan, budget and finally execute when the time comes. It’s just but being courageous and taking the bold step. ‘Enough with watching. It’s time to stand up and Go’. That has always been my drive. Hence, I intend to use this platform to extensively share my experiences and the various techniques that I apply in travelling far and wide on a limited budget.

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An avid solo traveller. I love being dependent on making my trips worthwhile. Solo travel helps me reconnect with my inner self, something I never want to lose touch of. I meet new people, strangers become friends and new places become home. Traveling makes me genuinely happy. The thrill of packing and leaving for an adventure is one I am yet to put into context. I am motivated to tell my travel stories following my trips to Egypt and Thailand, where I was immensely challenged to give information about places in my country. I could not say much save for stories I had heard from Mt. Kenya and Maasai Mara, whereas my foreigner friends had so much to say about my own country. I was hurt. Coming back home, I purposed to be intentional about exploring Kenya. I intend to use this platform to tell my Solo Travel experiences and to demystify some travel myths, among them the perception that travel is for the rich and boredom and risk is involved in solo travel. Honestly, you do not have to leave your country to quench this thirst, or carry your friends and family with you nor do you have to stay in the fanciest of places to render your adventure worthwhile. It is intentionally taking time off to have fun, unwind, meet new people and if you are like me, take lots of photos and enjoy your space.