Staycations? Yes please! More often than not, the spaces in our homes can get tiring or suffocating, dare we say. We crave for a little getaway or a change of environment. Some of us cope by visiting relatives, travelling to the country side or heading out for sleepovers. Those are still staycations, by the way.

The ripling effects of the Covid-19 pandemic has had most of us appreciating destinations and adventures that are within reach. The unprecedented travel restrictions and lockdown that were enforced recently had us cancel a long anticipated trip to the Coast. This sparked us to explore a destination within our reach. Nairobi bursts with amazing property. A fact. The menu was too broad. However, we were looking for a secluded, unique and romantic getaway. Then, we stumbled upon a rare find: The Nairobi Dawn Chorus! A treehouse! And it was a no brainer.

First, its very important for you to know that the treehouse is usually booked almost all year round. You have to secure your booking early enough. Nairobi Dawn Chorus is located in Spring Valley, Loresho Ridge. Once you set foot here, it feels like you are in a different world altogether. Feels like glamping in the woods. Guys, glamping is luxurious camping :-). You can feel and hear the sounds of nature. From the breath of fresh air, the whistling of the trees, the flowing of the river, and the tweeting of the birds. We can bet that the name is inspired by the sounds of the birds. That choir is spectacular, with their best performance at dawn. Hence, Nairobi Dawn Chorus.

The house features a canvas front, to give you the absolute experience of the nature! Leave it open when you retire to bed in the evening. The view is breathtaking. You sleep under the stars and wake up to the singing of the birds and the sunrise from the comfort of your bed. We did not get to see these birds, in case you are wondering and that was the beauty of it. The bedroom is big enough, cosy, and warm. Has a big bed, a luggage rack, bed side drawers and lamps, and a study table. In the event you are travelling for work, you are sorted!

Don’t wait for those friends. They are not coming. Pack your bags and go.

The space also features a fireplace, well designed for safety. The house gets pretty chilly during the night. For that reason, carry with you some warm clothing. The fumes are channeled through a chimney. Enough firewood is provided during your stay, together with all the tools you need to make your fire. However, be careful to regulate the heat so that you avoid shattering the glass. The bathroom is adjascent to the room area. Spacious, pristine and definitely serves you with the views! And drumrolls………! Thanks! The bathtub! Lets just say we spent a lot of time there. Turn taking! The only downside is that it can be uncomfortable for someone with long legs, because it is a tiny one!

The house is on selfcatering basis.You get a fully functional kitchen, with a refrigerator, cooker and the necessary utensils for use. The hosts provide a light breakfast; milk, eggs, toasted bread and a smoothie. Usually, what they have on their menu for breakfast. You can opt to carry your own supplies and request that they dont bring you breakfast. You can also arrange for barbecues as there is provision for that.

The hosts are Squash and Squeaky. Whatever inspired those name, must be love bred in nature and travel. A lovely and cordial couple. Quite responsive and kind. They have this book where guests to do a story. We bet when that book is completely filled they will have a journal! We hate to give spoilers, but the story is about a young adventurous girl, who was being derailed by her boyfriend in pursuing the things she loved. Travel. This one time, they were to go on an adventure and the guy is a no show. She does not turn back, as she always did. This time she chooses a different path and starts to pursue her experiences. Don’t wait for those friends, they are not coming.

This property is perfect for a romantic getaway with that special someone, or a solo date, or for unwinding. We chose it to celebrate a birthday. To appreciate life, friendship and for a well- deserved break from our daily routines. The stay was absolutely rejuvenating!

Cake by Neshi’s Bakery

Thats it for our staycation getaway. See you on the next one. Cheers!

To note:

  1. It gets pretty chilly at night, carry some warm clothing

2. Do your shopping before getting to the house as it is tucked away from the shopping centres.

3. Carry your bathroom slippers as the same is not provided.

4. Ask for the exact location of the place from the host before getting there.


Uvy · July 6, 2021 at 1:20 pm

Such a good place according to the flow of the story and the pics n video 🔥🔥🔥I would love to be their one day awesome is the word

Ivy · July 6, 2021 at 5:34 pm

Beautiful place looks well worth the visit:)

Whitney Mosingi · July 8, 2021 at 11:11 am

Love this❤Great article and it has inspired me to gooo.

Noah Murunga · July 19, 2021 at 8:32 am

Hi do you have a contact number that I can use to call the place

    OTGE · July 30, 2021 at 8:24 am

    Hey Noah, Not really. We are not allowed to share for your own safety as well. You may use the links provided to make a booking

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