The first rule of hidden gems is that you do not talk about them! Well, we do not follow rules here. Let us take a moment to appreciate a place we recently explored, Nkasiri Adventure Park! A hidden gem in its literal sense, from the name! Nkasiri is a local term derived from Ni kwa siri, meaning, “a hidden place” in the heart of Kitengela. Adventure to Nkasiri begins from the moment you set your mind to visit. Brace yourself for a long journey!


Our first attraction at Nkasiri were the camping pods/ cabins mostly because we have a love-hate relationship with canvas tents. That is just us! The pods definitely offer more comfort to a camping experience. Plus, it is out of the ordinary. In it, is a 4 by 6 mattress, bedding and other basic items: toothbrushes, toothpastes, bathing slippers, soap,  and a roll of tissue. You also get a cute storage storage/ laundry basket and a dustbin for litter. How thoughtful! What we are trying to say is, if you ever find yourself stranded in Kitengela and need a place to crash, imagine you can consider Nkasiri!

Moving on, the pods can sleep two given the size of the mattress. However, for better comfortability, we recommend taking one to yourself. The setting of the accommodation is conducive enough to offer you breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset, with Ngong Hills overlooking the horizon. If you are chaser for these, there’s another plus!

Typical of camping, the showers are outdoor. Spacious and well maintained. We didn’t see any loos around the camping area! Bush experience? The facilities are somewhere between the camping grounds and the restaurant. They are labelled Prince, Princess, Queen and King. Guys, depending on your mood and the rating of your junk, pick your poison.


We really appreciate the team’s effort at Nkasiri in investing in a variety of games and activities to have you engaged throughout your stay. Please, find us where games are! Among the activities are: Pool, Cycling, Checkers, Archery, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Darts, Table Tennis, Trampoline, and Swings. Show us a better way to bond and unwind.

The High Ropes Challenge

The highlight for us had to be the obstacle and high rope challenge. There are three levels to it, which intensify with every step. The challenge takes you through climbing and balancing structures, which offer a great challenge to the mind and body. The start is the most challenging. Admittedly, when you get to the first obstacle, you may reevaluate your choices, but it gets better immediately you take on the first step! The instructors are helpful throughout the course, as they offer motivation and instructions on how to navigate the structures. It was an accomplishing experience, especially for us who are disconcerted by heights.

The high ropes challenge is a perfect team building exercise and activity to consider. We noticed that you will learn how to communicate, follow instructions and team work. Protocol to this challenge dictates that you need to sign a consent form and you must be physically and mentally fit to indulge in the activity.

In case you would like to complete the entire course, we reckon it would take a whole day depending on the speed and size of your group. We were 6, and we took nearly 3 hours to complete level 1. During the day, the sun’s scorching. Highly recommend beginning the challenge before the sun gets high or later in the evening when the temperatures are down.

Level 1 : Ksh. 1500 per person
Level 2: Ksh. 2000 per person
Level 3: Ksh. 2500 per person

What if you are not camping or playing?

 Dine, Drink and Chill! The garden space, the restaurant and bar, and the gazebos are perfect for this!

Ideas to your stay:

  • Hosting events, like birthday parties
  • Weekend brunches, since you can get a day pass
  • Team building
  • Solo camping trip
  • A quick stop over

Parting Shot….

At this time of writing, Nkasiri Adventure Park is only 4 months old. Here is a solid, thoughtful and attractive addition to the travel space. We appreciate their sustainability efforts, in embracing sustainable design practices and conservation of energy! The area is run purely on solar! We need to visit such places for their sustainability and to evolve our establishments into futuristic sites. We encourage you to take this trip, experience Nkasiri. Worth every dime!

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Everyone, regardless of age. Say yes to Nkasiri Adevnture Park! An all-inclusive Adventure in an off-beaten path!

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