Dear those of you who tan,

for lack of a better word, we hate you.

Yours, those of us who ban.

Let us travel to one of the best and oldest cultural and historical visitors hub in the Coastal area, but first, grab your sunscreen- Malindi. Malindi, like many coastal towns,is an idyllic destination to your holiday getaway.


As a budget hotel, the Marine Holiday House is a 3-star hotel offering natural beauty with contemporary architecture. The premise is just 400m from The Marine National Park – Malindi, 800m from the Crocodile Farm & Snake Park and 500m from the beach. Nearby activities are a stone’s throw away, easily accessed on foot or by the use of Tuktuks, which is the main mode of commute in Malindi.

The reception area marries the dining and lounging area. The set up is quite colorful, offering vibrance. The space is grand, to say the least. In the night, its dimly lit with candles set up on the tables to offer a romantic feel. Upon request, visitors bond over board games, a chess contest being the primary, at the lounge.

The rooms offered range from single to superior family suites that can fit upto 8 people. Each room offers a ceiling ventilation, over head fan, a closet, a washroom and a bathroom. We rate our good night sleep 10/10! The balconies are furnished to ensure guests enjoy quality outdoor time, as much as they will indoors.

Book you a hotel fitted with a swimming pool, especially at the Coast. After a day of sightseeing, you will want to have a relaxing swim. The swimming pool takes a grand letter ‘B’ shape and is beautifully dotted by palm trees and lush vegetation. This had to be the highlight of our stay at the holiday home. The a cacophony of our voices, laughter and the splashes was a heavy depiction of the fun documented here.

Similar or even more luxurious homestay options are available. We easily noticed the variety of villas, cottages, resorts and hotels set up to give an ultimate experience at different costs 🙂 Quality time is guaranteed when you decide to explore Malindi. We can affirm that you will spend less time in your hotels as the activities are endless. In this blog post we manage to put together a few. Let’s indulge…Enjoy!

Quality time at the Beaches and the Ocean.

We are familiar with the fact that water, as an element of nature is therapeutic, right? The Indian Ocean is nestled among beach resorts and hotels. A five minute walk from our holiday house, we accessed the sea through BlueKey Resort. Visit the tropical beach to enjoy a stroll along it, the sea breeze or to walk a mile into the ocean when the tides are low like we did. Enjoy the silvery sand under your feet, bury yourself under it, be a child a little, play beach football, whip your hair, swim, catch some star fish, catch your breath, forget about your hustles, pose, say cheese, take that picture and live a little!

Deep swimming in the ocean was quite an experience. We were able to catch the spectaclular views of the marine life. Boats to take you round the ocean and to the islands are also available for hire for a better experience of the ocean.

A visit to the Falconry of Kenya.

The Falconry of Kenya is a private sanctuary in Malindi set up for conservation of birds, reptiles and amphibians (tortoises and toads). It offers a learning experience for tourists to be enlightened on the species of these animals. Welcoming us into the falconry is a 100-year old tortoise. One of the largest species in the world which can live up to 150 years and grow to 550 pounds. It was quite friendly and everytime we rubbed its neck, it would peep out of its shell. We also sited unbothered crocodiles and toads enjoying their afternoon swim.

We must all agree that the idea of encountering a snake is not an ideal inspiration to your holiday. At the flaconry we had the opportunity of trying to overcome our phobias for snakes. These creatures are put here for conservation. The more you get to know about them, the more you get used to them, rather tolerate them. Also, not all snakes are poisonous, snakes are not devils and it is quite fascinating standing eye to eye with these creatures knowing you are protected by a thick glass.

The highlight of the visit to the falconry has to be siting falcons and eagles. They offer entertainment by providing thrilling flight shows and giving quite generous hugs. The space also offers a variety of owls which have been rescued and rehabilitated to preserve their species from going extinct.

A visit to Mida Creek

Mida Creek is a tidal inlet that is surrounded by extensive mangrove and palm trees. The guide let us in on the fact that it is a protected area and a stopover for most migratory birds and a home to various species of fish, making it an important natural tourist destination site. If bird watching is one of your pastime activities then a visit to the creek would be ideal. Most of the migratory birds come from Asia between September to April and stay at the creek for about three months (Excerpt from Business Daily). Another attraction would be the shaky boardwalk that offers serene views of the ocean and its surrounding. We were not fortunate to experience this as it was under repair when we visited. From the descriptions, the boardwalk offers an exclusive mix of adventure and a bit of exercise. When the tides are low, as it was when we visited, mida creek offers a perfect experience of strolling on the soft sand along the edges of the Mangrove vegetation. Canoeing is also an activity you may want to try.

The Crab Shack Restaurant.

Crab Shack is an enchanting hideout in Watamu, a few kilometres from Mida Creek known for the finger-licking crab samosas that are served here. True to its name, Crab Shack restaurant offers delightful delicacies of sea and non-sea food. Leading to the restaurant are boardwalks made of Mangrove trees which are raised such that part of the Indian Ocean flows underneath. By virtue of this, let’s have it as an enchanting floating restaurant. The boardwalk is quite an experience as you get to enjoy the stunning view of the ocean, the surrounding vegetation and the sunset. You have to pay to experience the boardwalk if not going to eat at the restaurant. Also, get to enjoy canoe rides while visiting Crab shack. It is a perfect spot to enjoy a sundowner with loved ones. The setup is as romantic as it can get. Therefore the best time to visit is around 1830hrs. We got there when the restaurant was half occupied and reserved. It came to our attention that you have to make reservations before heading here because the place floods with tourists.

Fun fact: The Boardwalk and Crab Shack was built by Mida Creek Conservation Community to promote eco-activities and to provide education for the underprivileged Mida Creek fishing community. Hence, the proceeds from the restaurant are chanelled to this course.

Buntwani Bridge

As the name connotes, it is a bridge strategically positioned on the shores of the ocean for people to unwind. Being a few meters above the ocean, the bridge can be scary for those who have a phobia for heights and water. You could enjoy diving from the bridge into the ocean. The local boys indulge in this as a passtime activity. The sand here is golden and shimmery in nature.

You can spot people engaging in thrilling water sport activties, cheerful children enjoying an evening swim, lovebirds strolling, locals fishing, just to name but a few. The sunset and the silhouttes we captured have to be the most beautiful scenaries we witnessed. Swimming in the ocean is best in the morning and evening when the tides are high. The waves slap different.

Malindi does not disappoint in the activities it has to offer. Aside these, visit the Marine National park for snorkelling and watersport activities, a cultural and historical tour at Gede ruins and Vasco Da Gama, quality and peaceful time in the islands (Sardgena and Robinson Island). Best of all, experience the coastal dishes and the sea food!

In our opinion, Malindi night life is quite dear unless you are rich😀. Probably due to the fact that it is a coveted destination by tourists. The night life experience was also not as vibrant. Therefore, buy your drinks and sip in your hotel. Thank us later!

As a parting shot, if you are craving a peaceful time in the sun, the Coast has the perfect destinations that will blow you away. Please pack your Sunscreen!!

Shout out to those who signed up together with us: Amstone, Vera, Emmauel, Khadija, Wayne, Nixy and her mum, Damaris, Treeza, Uvy, Mr. Mwesh and his lovely family . You made the experience worthwile!


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I really enjoyed being part of the group.

Tranquil Adventures · November 12, 2019 at 8:51 pm

Beautiful thanks for this piece i loved it

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I am your biggest fan. Now and always. Thank you for the read.

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CATE KAHIU · November 17, 2019 at 10:45 am

Are you sure the crocs were u bothered or you just didn’t try taking your bodies there? 😂 and am sure the snakes were very beautiful! I love snakes 😂 (shivers!).. Took me long enough to read this piece… Now I just want to go to malindi… Always a good time reading this blog… You guys just gave me something to fantasize on the whole week!

CATE KAHIU · November 17, 2019 at 10:46 am

Are you sure the crocs were unbothered or you just didn’t try taking your bodies there? 😂 and am sure the snakes were very beautiful! I love snakes 😂 (shivers!).. Took me long enough to read this piece… Now I just want to go to malindi… Always a good time reading this blog… You guys just gave me something to fantasize on the whole week!

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